Jude: Waiting Anxiously – Jude 21

12.4.16 AUDIO ONLY

In this message, Pastor Aaron expounds on the fourth of five things involved in positively contending for the faith as seen in the book of Jude. After building ourselves up in the faith, praying in the Spirit, and keeping ourselves in the love of God, we now look to wait anxiously. Listen to learn what the believer is to wait for.

ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Sin’s Wages or God’s Gift

Last week we looked at what God’s Word says in Romans about being a slave to sin or to righteousness. This week’s message examines more closely what serving sin earns for us – death. Listen to learn more about what the Bible says about this death and about what God has done on our behalf so that we can escape that death. Learn about the amazing gift that is available to those who trust Jesus. We can choose sin’s wages or God’s gift.


ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Law’s Grip on the Follower of Jesus

When we choose to follow Jesus as our Master, we gain the gift of God – eternal life. In Romans 7:1-6, Paul discusses the believer’s relationship to God’s Law. Listen to learn why the believer is free from the law, united with Jesus, and free to bear fruit because of that union. You’ll also learn about the roll God’s Law has in the life a believer.