How to Be Blessed by the Word – James 1:19-25


Continuing the sermon series in James, we examine how to be blessed by the Word (James 1:19-25). Here James reveals the Word humbly received will save us. He then reveals that the Word faithfully practiced will bless us. Doers of the Word will walk in freedom and happiness. Let us be those who humbly received and faithfully practice what the Word of God says!

Winning the Big War – Hebrews 11

5.28.17 AUDIO ONLY

As we remember our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, listen to the words of God about His list of heroes in Hebrews 11. Here you will see four areas that can transform your life for God and help you become one of His spiritual heroes yourself! We are all in the big war so be in it to win it! Whether spectacularly or quietly we all have a part.

As For Me – Joshua 24


4.30.17 AUDIO ONLY

We come to end of a faithful servant’s life and the book that bears his name. Joshua’s name means “a savior” and his life is a testimony to the saving power of our Creator God. In this final chapter, Israel is encouraged and challenged to love and serve God alone by Joshua – a man of the Spirit, of the Book, of obedience, and of faith. See how these same principles apply to us today bringing victory and joy in daily living.