Water to Wine, Cheap to Choice – John 2

5.14.17 AUDIO ONLY

John recounts the miracles of Jesus to reveal His person – who Jesus He is. In this sermon, we look at the problem, the miracle, and the message of Jesus’ first miracle recorded in John’s Gospel. Listen to learn how turning water to wine is far from frivolous and what it says about a God who transforms cheap into choice.

The Valley of Trouble – Joshua 7-8

2.12.17 AUDIO ONLY

A shocking turn of events unfolds in the seventh chapter of Joshua. After a miraculous victory at Jericho, Israel suffers defeat at Ai. Why? How could this happen? We look at a shaken Joshua and God’s answer to him. Listen to understand more about God’s response to sin and what we can learn from the events that transpired in the Valley of Trouble.