How to Be Blessed by the Word – James 1:19-25


Continuing the sermon series in James, we examine how to be blessed by the Word (James 1:19-25). Here James reveals the Word humbly received will save us. He then reveals that the Word faithfully practiced will bless us. Doers of the Word will walk in freedom and happiness. Let us be those who humbly received and faithfully practice what the Word of God says!

Preventative Care – 2 Timothy 3:13-17


This week’s sermon continues our series in Second Timothy. We look at chapter 3, verses 13-17 and see the sufficiency of Scripture for the believer’s life. Listen to learn how God’s Word is the best preventative care for defeating spiritual disease.

The Truth – 2 Timothy 2:14-18


Following his charge to keep, guard, and entrust God’s Word, the apostle Paul gives his disciple Timothy more directions regarding the Word of Truth. In this message, we look at Paul’s charge to Timothy to correctly handle the Word of Truth and Paul’s warning to Timothy concerning two who had strayed from the Truth. Listen to learn more about how God’s unchanging Truth – the Bible – can give real guidance in today’s culture.

Back to the Book – Nehemiah 8


In Nehemiah 8 we see more about the secret to revival than in hundreds of pages of modern literature on the topic. See what a thirst for God’s Word, a hunger to know God’s Word, and a heart to obey God’s Word can spark in the hearts of individual believers and the church as a whole. Listen to learn what returning has to do with going forward as we go back to the Book.

From Sickness to Health – John 4:43-54

5.21.17 AUDIO AND SLIDE TRANSITIONS (the first transition is after the five minute mark)

In John chapter 4, we see a father’s journey of faith. He moves from belief based on the signs of Jesus to belief based on the word of Jesus and on to belief in the Savior Jesus. This account can encourage believers to pray big, be humble, and look forward.

As For Me – Joshua 24


4.30.17 AUDIO ONLY

We come to end of a faithful servant’s life and the book that bears his name. Joshua’s name means “a savior” and his life is a testimony to the saving power of our Creator God. In this final chapter, Israel is encouraged and challenged to love and serve God alone by Joshua – a man of the Spirit, of the Book, of obedience, and of faith. See how these same principles apply to us today bringing victory and joy in daily living.

JUDE: How to do the Impossible – Jude 20

11.20.16 AUDIO ONLY

We continue our series in Jude – How to do the Impossible – as Pastor Aaron expounds on the five things involved in positively contending for the faith. Having already examined the reality of the need to build ourselves up on our most holy faith, Pastor Aaron now turns to the second point – praying in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20).