From Death to Life – John 11

7.23.17 AUDIO ONLY

We have looked at the carefully selected miracles recorded in John’s Gospel. After seeing the natural, the unlikely, the personal, the grandiose, the phenomenal, and the unheard of, we turn our attention to the impossible – raising the dead to life. Listen as Pastor Aaron highlights the sleep of Lazarus, the faith of Martha, the tears of Jesus, and the raising of Lazarus. What does this miracle tell us about who Jesus is?

Blindness to Sight – John 9


The next miracle highlighted in John’s Gospel is the healing of a blind man. What does Jesus’ giving sight to this blind man tell us about who Jesus is? And why did this benevolent sign cause such anger among the religious leaders? Listen as we see a man’s life changed and a bold testimony unfold.

From Storm to Calm – John 6:16-21


This week, we look at the fifth miracle in John. Jesus walks on water and reveals that He can be trusted amid life’s storms. Listen for five key points to Jesus’ interaction with His disciples as they go from storm to calm.

Wasting to Walking – John 5


Listen in to this miracle healing of the lame man by Jesus. See the transforming power of Jesus as He can take a life wasting away and turn it around 180 degrees. Jesus can take the impossible and radically transform any situation. He is the God of the impossible. Listen in and see how Jesus can work in your life.

From Sickness to Health – John 4:43-54

5.21.17 AUDIO AND SLIDE TRANSITIONS (the first transition is after the five minute mark)

In John chapter 4, we see a father’s journey of faith. He moves from belief based on the signs of Jesus to belief based on the word of Jesus and on to belief in the Savior Jesus. This account can encourage believers to pray big, be humble, and look forward.

Water to Wine, Cheap to Choice – John 2

5.14.17 AUDIO ONLY

John recounts the miracles of Jesus to reveal His person – who Jesus He is. In this sermon, we look at the problem, the miracle, and the message of Jesus’ first miracle recorded in John’s Gospel. Listen to learn how turning water to wine is far from frivolous and what it says about a God who transforms cheap into choice.