Trust and Obey – Nehemiah 9


As we continue our series in Nehemiah, we see lives that are radically changed do three things. They are committed to obedience, they are specific in their obedience, and they are remembered in their obedience.

Revival Repentance – Nehemiah 9


In heaven-sent revivals, there will not only be a movement back to the book, but there will be Holy Spirit-led repentance as well. In such a revival, sins are honestly confessed, God is humbly worshipped, and lives are radically changed.

Back to the Book – Nehemiah 8


In Nehemiah 8 we see more about the secret to revival than in hundreds of pages of modern literature on the topic. See what a thirst for God’s Word, a hunger to know God’s Word, and a heart to obey God’s Word can spark in the hearts of individual believers and the church as a whole. Listen to learn what returning has to do with going forward as we go back to the Book.

As an Angel of Light – Nehemiah 6


As we return to our series in Nehemiah we see that Satan can appear not only as a lion but also as an angel of light. As we continue looking at how the enemy attacks, we see his schemes have not changed. Be encouraged to submit to God, resist the devil, and see victory over sin.

Divide and Conquer – Nehemiah 5

8.27.17 AUDIO ONLY

In this sermon, we look at another way our enemy Satan targets believers – division. We examine the division Nehemiah faced, the resolution he implemented, and the model he set. Listen to learn what Nehemiah’s example offers today’s Christian in the fight to avoid being divided and conquered.

Have Faith and Fight – Nehemiah 4


We once again look at Nehemiah and the daunting task that loomed before him. Within this account, we can see six ways our enemy Satan targets believers. Listen to learn about the first three. Satan will try the tactics of demoralizing, frightening, and trying to discourage. How encouraging it will be for you to know how to defeat these attacks and live victoriously!

As For Me – Joshua 24


4.30.17 AUDIO ONLY

We come to end of a faithful servant’s life and the book that bears his name. Joshua’s name means “a savior” and his life is a testimony to the saving power of our Creator God. In this final chapter, Israel is encouraged and challenged to love and serve God alone by Joshua – a man of the Spirit, of the Book, of obedience, and of faith. See how these same principles apply to us today bringing victory and joy in daily living.

Holding Fast – Joshua 23


4.23.17 AUDIO ONLY

In Joshua 23, we see an elderly Joshua concerned that Israel’s zeal for the Lord might fade in time and lead to compromise. Listen as Joshua reminds his people and us of the true source of all their victories. He exhorts God’s people to hold fast and warns against compromise.