ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Children of God


We continue our fourth series in Romans by looking at what Romans 8:15-17 has to say about being children of God. What a privilege the believer has as an adopted son! God’s Spirit Himself bears witness to this sonship and this sonship brings an amazing inheritance because of Jesus! God’s Word tells us that the glory to follow far outweighs the suffering Jesus’ followers experience here and now.

The sermon entitled Strive for the Prize from May 2016 is referenced in this sermon. Listen to Strive for the Prize here.

ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Sin’s Wages or God’s Gift

Last week we looked at what God’s Word says in Romans about being a slave to sin or to righteousness. This week’s message examines more closely what serving sin earns for us – death. Listen to learn more about what the Bible says about this death and about what God has done on our behalf so that we can escape that death. Learn about the amazing gift that is available to those who trust Jesus. We can choose sin’s wages or God’s gift.


ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Killing Sin


Romans 8:12-13 address those who are living by the Spirit – those who follow Jesus. Believers are told good news in verse 12. Believers “are not obligated to the flesh to live according to the flesh.” In the next verse believers are told to “put to death the deeds of the body.” In this sermon, we examine both these truths along with the nature of sanctification and steps to take in order to indeed put to death the deeds of the body.