Wisdom in the Trenches – James 1:5-12


Continuing to the next section of James, James 1:5-12, we see a promise of wisdom amid trials for those who ask and the true blessing of perseverance through trials. When facing our trials, we should pray for wisdom first that our trial might not be wasted on us.

From Sickness to Health – John 4:43-54

5.21.17 AUDIO AND SLIDE TRANSITIONS (the first transition is after the five minute mark)

In John chapter 4, we see a father’s journey of faith. He moves from belief based on the signs of Jesus to belief based on the word of Jesus and on to belief in the Savior Jesus. This account can encourage believers to pray big, be humble, and look forward.

JUDE: How to do the Impossible – Jude 20

11.20.16 AUDIO ONLY

We continue our series in Jude – How to do the Impossible – as Pastor Aaron expounds on the five things involved in positively contending for the faith. Having already examined the reality of the need to build ourselves up on our most holy faith, Pastor Aaron now turns to the second point – praying in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20).