The Truth About Temptation – James 1:13-18


Continuing the sermon series in the book of James, this week we examine chapter 1, verses 13 through 18. James examines “the truth about temptation” by showing that temptation gives birth to sin and death. He then reveals that despite this dreadful truth, there is hope! Our good God gives a new birth that brings forth life. We can walk in victory, in His might!

Revival Repentance – Nehemiah 9


In heaven-sent revivals, there will not only be a movement back to the book, but there will be Holy Spirit-led repentance as well. In such a revival, sins are honestly confessed, God is humbly worshipped, and lives are radically changed.

As an Angel of Light – Nehemiah 6


As we return to our series in Nehemiah we see that Satan can appear not only as a lion but also as an angel of light. As we continue looking at how the enemy attacks, we see his schemes have not changed. Be encouraged to submit to God, resist the devil, and see victory over sin.

A Crime of the Heart – Joshua 20

3.19.17 AUDIO ONLY

This passage gives insight to the cities of refuge and the 6th Commandment. When looking further, we see the crimes of the heart that can be replaced with the love from Jesus and love for each other. If applied, through the Spirit, it will transform our daily lives and the lives of people.

The Valley of Trouble – Joshua 7-8

2.12.17 AUDIO ONLY

A shocking turn of events unfolds in the seventh chapter of Joshua. After a miraculous victory at Jericho, Israel suffers defeat at Ai. Why? How could this happen? We look at a shaken Joshua and God’s answer to him. Listen to understand more about God’s response to sin and what we can learn from the events that transpired in the Valley of Trouble.

ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Sin’s Wages or God’s Gift

Last week we looked at what God’s Word says in Romans about being a slave to sin or to righteousness. This week’s message examines more closely what serving sin earns for us – death. Listen to learn more about what the Bible says about this death and about what God has done on our behalf so that we can escape that death. Learn about the amazing gift that is available to those who trust Jesus. We can choose sin’s wages or God’s gift.


ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – Killing Sin


Romans 8:12-13 address those who are living by the Spirit – those who follow Jesus. Believers are told good news in verse 12. Believers “are not obligated to the flesh to live according to the flesh.” In the next verse believers are told to “put to death the deeds of the body.” In this sermon, we examine both these truths along with the nature of sanctification and steps to take in order to indeed put to death the deeds of the body.

ROMANS Our Victory: Sanctification Through Jesus – A Great Struggle

4.10.16 AUDIO AND SLIDE TRANSITIONS – Romans 7:14-25 paints a vivid picture of a struggle against sin. Paul speaks from experience. But is he referring to his struggle as a religious Jew, or as a believer in Jesus? In this sermon, we examine the context of this passage and the language God inspired Paul to use in order to answer this question. Does this passage give the believer an excuse? “See, I can’t help sinning.” Or does it provide a vivid comparison of the one “sold into sin’s power” (Romans 7:14) before coming to Jesus and one who now follows Him and is free to “walk by the Spirit” (Gal. 5:16)?