My Time Has Come – 2 Timothy 4:6-8


As we approach the end of our series in Second Timothy, we see the apostle Paul acknowledge that he is approaching his own end. Aware that his time had come, Paul relays a view of his death, a review of his life, and a preview of his crown. Believer, are you living a life worthy of a victor’s crown?

JUDE: How to do the Impossible – Jude 20

11.20.16 AUDIO ONLY

We continue our series in Jude – How to do the Impossible – as Pastor Aaron expounds on the five things involved in positively contending for the faith. Having already examined the reality of the need to build ourselves up on our most holy faith, Pastor Aaron now turns to the second point – praying in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20).


JUDE: Keep Building – Jude 20

11.13.16 AUDIO ONLY

We pick up our series in Jude, having already looked at the church of the last days, the believer’s charge to contend for the faith, and Jude’s condemnation of false teachers. Listen as Pastor Aaron Woodruff expounds on the first of five things involved in positively contending for the faith – Building ourselves up on our most holy faith.


JUDE: Fight for the Faith – Jude 3-4

8.21.16 AUDIO ONLY

Jude verses 3 and 4 set the tone for the entire letter that follows. Jude sounds the alarm that it is time for the church to stand up. These two verses encourage followers of Jesus to contend for the faith. They also expose the error and announce the doom of those who oppose the faith while displaying Jude’s sincere love of the faith.